Dr. Judith Curry on climate science’s fatal flaw

25aDr. Judith Curry speaks out on climate science’s fatal flaw –
the failure to explore and understand uncertainty

Post: February 10, 2017 ; Comments welcome

 Dr. Judith Curry speaks out on climate science’s fatal flaw but does she understand the climate change matter at least a little bit better? Unfortunately not, or have you heard her ever talking on the overwhelming predominate influence of the seas?

It was in a recent interview on British radio, February 6th [More at WUWT]  that she mentioned climate science’s fatal flaw – the failure to explore and understand uncertainty, as a yet unaddressed issues of how ‘natural climate change’ drivers impact the earth’s climate, which indicates: Not understood’.

Judith Curry is to praise when mentioning:
___”If science can’t explain climate shifts pre 1950, how can we trust today’s climate models?”, and that
___“……the models fail to simulate the observed warming between 1910 and 1940.”

Actually, both time periods are closely correlated with the two great naval war activities about 10 and 7 decades ago. World War I presumably initiated the extreme warming from about winter 1918/19 to winter 1939/40, which saw the commencement of a three decades long global cooling. That is anthropogenic making pure and presumably one reason because computer models fail. But surely not alone!

More important is the most basic lack of understanding. Earth weather (and subsequently ‘climate’) is based on the law of physics58_2. In this system the ration between ocean and atmosphere is 1000:3, in regard to average temperature about +4°C to 14°C. The vast dominance of the oceans concerning physical parameters is very obvious. If it is too big to understand, to assess, and to feed into computer models, should not allow speaking instead about ‘natural climate change’. A thorough investigation of the impact of the World Wars on the most pronounced climatic shifts since the end of the Little Ice Age about 170 years ago will demonstrate how easy major human activities – at sea – even over a short period of time may influence weather (and climate).

At the end of the interview Dr. Curry encourage people “who have concerns about the validity of arguments alleging man made climate change to continue to speak out about their concerns”, which we pick up by adding to the reasoning above: Any reference to “natural climate change’ undermines serious climate research.

More at WUWT: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/02/09/dr-judith-curry-speaks-out-on-climate-sciences-fatal-flaw-the-failure-to-explore-and-understand-uncertainty/

Not understood: https://oceansgovernclimate.com/703-2/

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Judith Curry on climate science’s fatal flaw

  1. The fact you have obviously missed is that the Ocean’s play a major role in climate change because of the natural cyclical Solar storm activity and cloud cover. The ocean’s are the greatest emitter of CO2 into the atmosphere based upon the core Temperature of this planet, which is caused by Solar heat. When Solar activity is elevated, the entire Solar system is warmer…

    This is proven by the fact that the polar Ice on Mars has been melting and neither CO2 nor clouds exist on Mars. We have had less cloud coverage in summer months in recent years which cause the Oceans to release more CO2.
    Do your own test… take a can of carbonated beverage like ginger ale and leave exposed to direct sun light… when you feel it is warm, pull the tab and the carbonated foam will burst out and flow… That beverage was carbonated with CO2.

    If you look at the historical records of CO2 levels to core Temperature of this planet that are available for millennia, you will see that the CO2 levels lag behind changes in those core Temperatures. That in itself proves that changes CO2 levels do NOT create Climate Change, but are actually a result of the natural cyclical Climate Change occurring on this planet. Anthropological Climate Change is a farce… PERIOD.

  2. Thanks for posting on this. Some readers may need your explanation how WWI led to warming while WWII led to cooling.

    Thanks, Ron

    1. Your friendly proposal is welcome and brief explanation can be expected:
      __ initially on the extreme warm-up that started at Spitsbergen 1918/19 and lasted across the Northern Hemisphere until 1939/40 pretty soon; primarily based on the book: Arctic Heats Up Spitsbergen at link: http://www.arctic-heats-up.com/
      __thereon concerning global cooling from 1939/40 to mid-1970s, within a week, based on the book [Failures of……Climate Change and World Wars] at link: http://www.seaclimate.com/
      Kindly visit the site again, admin.

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