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EXXON’s failure in climate affairs

EXXON’s failure in climate affairs
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EXXON’s fault is not strongly opposing a meaningless language with regard what ‘climate’ is, but accepting that. WMO/IPCC regard that
Climate as the statistical description in terms of the mean and variability of relevant quantities over a period of time ranging from months to thousands or millions of years.” (IPCC, AR5, 2013, Glossary, p. 1450) What are “relevant qualities …from months to millions of years”.

The sea is by far the biggest generator of vapor
The sea is by far the biggest generator of vapor

How can science work and communicate with the general public, politics, and skeptics with such nonsense?
According the Glossary of the American Meteorological Society (AMS), the “weather” depend on what you are looking for:
____The “present weather” table consists of 100 possible conditions,
____the “past weather” comprise 10 aspects, while
____”layman weather”, covers merely temperature, humidity, precipitation, cloudiness, visibility, and wind.
Even if the AMS-Glossary is silent on “future weather”, the nonsense gets a face. Who is making the selection? Who decides over the period of time, and the length of a data series.
It should not be such a surprise that discussing ‘climate’ has been so unproductive over the last 30 years. EXXON is acting globally, has top lawyers, scientists, engineers and enough money to require and support a clear and indubitable terminology in an area of paramount importance.

EXXON could have done better.

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Hurricane Patricia: ‘strongest ever’ storm hits Mexico now! California had four in September 1939

A serious EL Niño event  is active! Strongest hurricane ever recorded, Patricia is expected Friday 23. October 2015X_

__Hurricane Patricia: Mexico awaits ‘strongest ever’ storm (BBC: 23/10 ,16h UTC)

How was it in California September 1939, with four storms, heat wave, heavy rain and ….the only tropical storm to make landfall in California in the twentieth century…… A serious EL Niño event  was active!  Science never investigated this matter seriously.  Read more: (Ch. C4 d), & //         Credit & more :

Added 24.Oct.15
Added 24.Oct.15
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Make statistics stupid? Drives atmosphere climate?

Climate variability in the North Atlantic is atmosphere driven a new study claims. [ScienceDaily, 15 October 2015] explaining: that the pattern1a_ of the AMO*) can be accounted for by atmospheric circulation alone, without any role for the ocean circulation.
Is that serious? The AMO pattern is based on statistical analyses of observational and proxy climate data. If the study compares climate models that include ocean circulation with climate models that have no ocean circulation, and concludes that ocean circulation may not play as prominent a role as previously thought, the researcher ignore the difference in dimension involved. The correlation between sea and air is about 1:1000. Small difference (howsoever explained) not rectify to question that the North Atlantic is the principle driver of regional temperatures and weather.

*) AMO – Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation.
ScienceDaily : University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science. “New study questions long-held theories of climate variability in the North Atlantic: Atmosphere appears to drive decades-long climate variations.” ScienceDaily, 15 October 2015.
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Weather and Climate? Do they know what they are talking about!

Frequently heard; there is confusion between weather and climate. For real? Is it not due to poor definitions?

Definitions: IPCC, AR5, 2013, Glossary, p. 1450
Definitions: IPCC, AR5, 2013, Glossary, p. 1450

Talking about weather foremost requires selecting on what weather pattern one needs or wants to talk about. The British know it, others as well. For ordinary men it may be entertaining, but in science it is a lack in seriousness and competence. Weather components or explanations can go in many hundred items, for which science offers commonly only a very general explanation (NASA):

“Weather is the way the atmosphere behaves.”

What an enlightening statement! That is definitely not a serious definition, and for any scientific work absolute useless. Nevertheless science does not hesitate to say: “Climate in a narrow sense is usually defined as the “average weather” or more rigorously, by statistical description.” (See image)

Now many ‘weather situations’ and other events can be linked to climate and climate change, and open a wide field for confusion, nonsense talking, wrong research trends, and costly misplaced political investments (1).

One day the world will have to pay a heavy price for the lack of proper academic terminology, as it prevents to come up with definitions that put the oceans first:



  (1) The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, will be held in Paris from November 30 to December 11, aiming to establish funds rising to USD 100 billion per year by 2020.
LINK Nasa: