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Quick Ice Age by Undersea Volcano

60-1Undersea volcanic eruption has caused a Snowball Earth long ago. Recent papers (HERE, HERE) and blogs 60-2WUWTCLIMATE-ETC, ICEAGENOW showed interest concerning the impact on ocean warming, CO2 increase, and climate change. The problem is different: It could trigger a new ice age within a short period of time. The ocean is too big to reflect pronounced on a bit heat input, but may alter oceanic currents. Major changes in the global flow system would affect the sea surface. Overall ocean temperature is about 4° Celsius. The warm sea surface with more than 10°C is a very thin layer north and south of the Equator.  Cooling the upper surface layer down by a few degrees Celsius could be sufficient to trigger new ice age. Mankind may have only a few months to lament about the good time of “global warming”, as the chance to alter the trend is nil, and 60-3a Snowball Earth would end further commenting pretty soon.

Nature Geoscience (January 18, 2016)

WUWT, January 18, 2016:

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Man-Made Ocean Warming? Yes, but it’s not CO2.


“Dr Arnd Bernaerts has long studied effects in Northern European Seas. Here are excerpts from his recent Feb2016publication:

Offshore Wind-Parks and Northern Europe’s Mild Winters:
Contribution from Ships, Fishery, et cetera?

the 11 page essay in PDF

His main point from the abstract:
The marine environment of North Sea and Baltic is one of the most heavily strained by numerous human activities. Simultaneously water and air temperatures increase more than elsewhere in Europe and globally, which cannot be explained with “global warming”.
Since mankind, during the course of a year, agitates the water column of North Sea and Baltic by stirring, more warmth is taken to deeper 10_water in the summer season and rises to the surface from lower layers in the winter period, where heat is exchanged with the air until sea icing is observed. This is a process that can be seen from the beginning of September until the end of March.
The facts are conclusive. “Global Climate Change” cannot cause a special rise in temperatures in Northern Europe, neither in the North Sea nor the Baltic or beyond. Any use of the oceans by mankind has an influence on thermo-haline structures within the water column from a few cm to 10m and more. Noticeable warmer winters in Europe are the logical consequence.

North Americans should not think themselves unaffected by all this. Consider this graphic of the Siberian Express:

The more the Atlantic weather governs the situation beyond the Ural the further Polar and Siberian cold will be pushed eastwards, called ‘Siberian Express’(Fig). This was felt in Alaska, Canada and Eastern U.S. Many days were extremely cold with deviations from the mean of 20°C and beyond. “ More information is here:

h/T: RON CLUTZ , Post-20-Jan-2016

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Does El Nino Warm the Entire Climate System?

The current 2015–16 El Niño is one of the three strongest ever recorded. For a number of months El Niño is blamed for unusual weather, which 2_is widely acknowledged that certain effects can be linked to a strong El Niño. While the event causes weather ‘moderation’, its impact on global 1_warming does not. A plain calculation suggests: negative.

A warmer than average water pool along the Equator must have an effect on air circulation. As soon as the usual trade-wind ceases the entire global air circulation changes. When the trade-wind cease, global air circulation adapt to the change. Unusual weather is inevitable, and different temperature levels may follow temporarily. But a general warming is most unlikely.

Attached are two graphs indicating the dimension of current El Niño. By rough calculation the warm water-pool is about 5’000 km long (West-East), 2’000 km wide (North-South), and 0,1 km deep, covering an area of 10 Million square-km, or a volume of 1 Million cubic-km. If one puts this numbers into a global perspective, namely an ocean area of 361 Million sqkm, respectively ocean volume of 1285 Million cubkm a correlation can be explained only by faith. The minimal higher temperature of the pool (<2,5°Celsius), may alter temporarily some atmospheric conditions, but is barely sufficient to warm the  entire climate system. Not only El Niño releases heat to the atmosphere, but so does every square-meter of the oceans. OCEANS GOVERN CLIMATE

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Adolf Hitler changed climate in winter 1939/40, but science doesn’t know why

Only four months into World War Two (WWII) winter weather 1939/40 run amok and global air temperatures dropped for three decades until Jan1940mid-1970s. After the end of 70 years copyright barrier,  Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ is back in print, a book full of hate, lies, and stupid conclusions, written between 1924 and 1926. He is better known as the greatest war monger of all time, but due to failure of meteorology and climate science, was never identified as the first and worst individual who caused climate change, and called a “criminal in climate change matters”. Adolf Hitler started WWII on 1st September 1939 and only four months later Europe tumbled into the coldest winter in more than 100 years. By mid-January 1940 temperatures fell to minus 40°C at many locations from Leningrad/St. Petersburg to Sofia, with an all-time cold record in Poland. For more details see January 1940 Temp-Map. The coldness continued until the end of February 1940. But science does not know.
That all happen 76 years ago. In winter 1939/40 a strong El Niño was active, in Europe extreme cold temperatures governed. This winter, the so-called “Monster Godzilla El Niño”, influences the weather worldwide, in Europe temperatures are above average (see: Fig.). Do not ask science for the reasons for these dramatic differences. Science don’t know; and seems not to have the capacity (mental, financial, and willingness). Science shows no interest to identify Adolf Hitler objectively as the greatest climate change criminal. Science is hopeless in WWII climate change matters, a matter never barred from being investigated, published and explained.


January 1940 Temp-Map:

“Monster Godzilla El Niño”:
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Poland’s Cold Snap: ‘deadliest ever’ or: ‘most ignorant claim ever’?

“One of Poland’s deadliest-ever cold snaps killed at least 21 people over the weekend, with temperatures falling to -18C (-0.4F), officials say”63_fin reported BBC on January, Monday, 04. . Meteorology Services underline such incompetent reporting, e.g., instead of informing the general public that 76 years ago air temperature plugged to record lows before mid-January 1940, as reported by the New York times; 08. Jan: minus 35°C in Northern and Central Russia, and on the 11th: Romania -40°; Riga -41°; Vienna -26° Sofia; and at Siedlce in Poland minus 41° the all-time record (see map; Source). Although also a strong El Nino year, the difference between January 2016 and 1940 is tremendous, because Europe was in the fifth month of World War II, that altered the status of the reginal seas so much, that the cold snap in early January 1940 was only the beginning of more worst to come. The prospect this January is very different as indicated in the attached graphic. See for entire month January 1939 versus 2016 previous post:


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Climate science is master in hiding abrupt cooling

When will it be recognized that the oceans are huge and have only an average temperature of + 4°C, able to cause very sudden drastic cooling4_ that could threaten the survival of civilization.

One of the most shocking scientific realizations of all time has slowly been dawning on us: an abrupt cooling could be triggered by our current global-warming trend. Europe’s climate could become more like Siberia’s, assumed William H. Calvin some time ago, warning that global warming could lead, paradoxically, to drastic cooling — a catastrophe that could threaten the survival of civilization. In his view there seems to be no way of escaping the conclusion that global climate flips occur frequently and abruptly. An abrupt cooling could happen now, and the world might not warm up again for a long time.

Calvin’s essay was published two decades ago, but a global cooling issue is poison to AGW, the anthropogenic warming thesis of mainstream climate science. Unfortunately the situation is even worst. W.H. Calvin assumes that the world could be back to ice-age temperature within a decade. It can happen much faster.

Adolf Hitler and his naval force managed to catapult Europe back to an ice-age winter in just four months, namely from September to December 1939, as indicated in the previous post and Oceans Govern Climate

Credit: William H. Calvin;  The Atlantic Monthly; January 1998; The Great Climate Flip-Flop; Volume 281, No. 1;