Storm “Frank”, El Niño; Insufficient Explanation

2_Climate alarmists have run wild with predictions about the Monster El Niño active in the Pacific for several 1_months (MORE). A corresponding situation existed in late 1939. But between the temperatures January 1940 and assumed January 2016 the difference could not be bigger. Don’t ask meteorology to explain. 76 years have passed without ever been interested in the matter.
But while it is expected that December 2015 is the hottest on record, December 1939 was the beginning of an extreme cold winter in Europe. The winter was special because it was the coldest since the end of the Little Ice Age around 1850, turning a global warming trend into a three decades lasting period of cooling, which happened after four months war, in World War II. Why caring about winter 1939/40? Why took “General Frost” reign as early as mid-December 1939? Why understanding too much of climate change and man’s impact in this matter?


Up-Date Met-Office 31 Dec: “…..the specific nature of this December’s extreme weather might be linked to the detailed structure of this El Nino, to the warmth of the north-east Pacific Ocean and to their combined effects on the atmospheric circulation………So from basic physical understanding of weather systems it is entirely plausible that climate change has exacerbated what has been a period of very wet and stormy weather arising from natural variability.”   Met-Office 31 Dec. 2015: “What’s been happening to our weather?”

Sorry, the water around the UK is important for weather in the UK. Psst: Don’t tell Met-Office what is easy to see in two previous posts

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