El Niño’s make it for hundreds of years

Bombshell study: past El Niño’s ‘may have amplified
global climate fluctuations for hundreds of years at a time’ *)

posted June 10, 2016

The new work from AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY found periods of predominantly El Niño-like patterns for several hundred years 44_that alternate with La Niña patterns, impacting on global climate over the last 2000 years. What does it tell us? Oceans govern climate! The sea surface area of an El Niño event is extreme small compared with the entire global ocean space. How shall such tiny sea area contribute significantly to global warming, asks this post?. The ocean interior is what matters. No surprise that the lead author Dr Michael Griffiths from William Paterson University /USA explains: “Until we can model this lower-frequency behavior in the tropical Pacific, one can only speculate on how the warming will play out over the next few decades”. Unfortunate this view is by far too narrow. Reducing such issue on the ‘tropical Pacific’ is appalling naïve.  All ocean space from top to the bottom (3’500 meters), contributes to climate change. This inability to see the entire picture on what governs climate  is the real threat to the world fearing climate change.
*) h/t & credit:  WUWT